Caring for your Beejou Wrap

With proper care and love, your wrap can last up to a year.

Cleaning:  Hand wash in cold water using gentle soap and the soft side of a sponge or cloth. 

Drying:  Hang or lay flat to dry.  We love to use twine and clothespins to hang our wraps after washing. They can also be towel dried for immediate use.

Storage:  Fold or roll and store in a clean, dry place.  A kitchen drawer or basket works well.  

Heat: Avoid heat including dishwasher, oven, microwave and direct heat.  High temperatures are not recommended for our wraps.

Meat:  We recommend avoiding use with raw meat products.

Reviving Your Wrap:  Some creasing and fraying may happen over time.  This is normal and should not interfere with the function of your wrap.  Simply cut frays with a scissors.  Your wrap can be revived by placing them on a parchment lined cookie sheet, or silicon baking mat in a 150 degree Fahrenheit oven for 2-4 minutes.  Lift from parchment by corners and hang it quickly before the wax dries.