About Us



We are two busy moms who have found a shared love and passion for making beeswax food wraps and sharing them with the community.  We initially bonded over the joys, trials and tribulations of each having four small children.  As our friendship grew, we realized that we had a shared view of wholesome child raising, outdoor play, gardening, healthy eating and even raising chickens!

We both love having large families, but we struggled with the amount of waste that was created, especially with single use plastic wraps and bags.  So we decided to do something about it, and began making our own reusable beeswax food wraps - a food storage technique that dates back to ancient Egypt.  Our first eight-hour day of work resulted in six small wraps, a kitchen covered in wax, and a ruined iron and ironing board.  However, we were dedicated to solving the problem of making wraps that worked well and would be good for our kids and the environment.  We spent many months of experimentation with different ingredients and methods until we found the recipe that would become our Beejou wraps.

This has truly been a labor of love.   Many times we've laughed until we cried-  but in the end, we created a product that we believe in so much, that we decided to bring it to our local community and beyond. We started Beejou to help busy  families like ours reduce their waste, and to make those small changes that can make a difference.

Every wrap we make is handmade with love from our family to yours. We know you will love these convenient, beautiful wraps as much as we do!



Lydia and Denise